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Brazilian Special

Most Salons Charge  $200 - $400

Starting At $99

Depending Upon Hair Length & Thickness

We have done thousands of straightenings and have selected products that work for you!

We have tested many straightening products, and have selected three great products. They vary in price, leave in time, and the amount of time you can expect to get out of your straightening. Two of them are very low in Formaldehyde and the third is a new technology, Formaldehyde Free product.

Rigid Adherence To The Process

We do not take shortcuts with the process. If your are told it can be done in an hour, run away!

We have discovered that many salons ignore the recommendations of the product manufacturer and change the straightening process they use.

We even had a trainer (a cocky stylist from a “Boca” salon) for one straightening product spend his entire training time showing us how to shortcut the process so he could “bang ‘em out”. His straightening on our model lasted less than 2 weeks.

Unfortunately for the customer, shortcuts  lead to a straightening that does not last

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Healthy Treatment - No Damage To Your Hair

A Brazilian Keratin Straightening should NEVER damage your hair!

We have had many people reporting that other salons damaged their hair. This means the other salon either did not performs the straightening correctly or they mixed in chemical straighteners to make their job easier and cheaper.

Having done thousands of straightenings, we have never had anyone’s hair damaged. It just shouldn't happen.

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